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Welcome to the ESL/GED Class at Goodwill New Road

Welcome to our ESL/GED Class!

We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced level courses. In these courses you will have the opportunity to improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. Some campuses also have language labs where you can study English on the computer. If you need childcare, we have some English classes that provide babysitting while you attend class.


After you enroll in an ESL class, it is important that you attend your class regularly. If you cannot attend for a few days or you need to stop coming to school, would you please tell your teacher or call the school and leave a message. If you get a job, please tell your teacher. This information is important to the school. If you have to stop coming for some time, you are always welcome to enroll again in our classes.


We want you to learn in the class you are placed in. If you want to change your class because your class is too easy or too difficult, please talk to your teacher so that he or she can transfer you to another ESL class in the program. As you improve your English skills, your teacher will transfer you to a higher level. At the end of your course you may receive a certificate of attendance or level completion.


In addition to ESL classes, we have other programs that might interest you. If you would like to prepare for job training or get a job, we have vocational English classes in which you learn communication skills for the workplace, learn vocabulary words for specific occupations, learn how to complete a job application and learn how to communicate in a job interview. We have job training classes in office skills, electronic assembly, computer technology, auto mechanics and many other training classes. If you would like to become a citizen of the United States, we have Citizenship classes. We also have classes to help you get a GED certificate or high school diploma if you did not finish high school in your country. After you finish the advanced level of ESL, you may also be interested in transferring to McLennan Community College.


The best way to learn English is to speak English as much as possible. In the classroom your teacher will plan activities for you to practice your English. We hope you enjoy your ESL class and improve your English skills quickly. To get more information about any of these programs, please talk to your ESL teacher, or call the Adult Education Programs office at 254 299-8777

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